Surface Well Control Equipment Course

Our Surface Well Control Equipment course is designed for delegates who currently work on BOP well control equipment on platforms, jack-ups and land rigs and who need to expand their knowledge of the BOP well control equipment.

Upon completion of the course the delegate will have a broader working knowledge of the BOP well control equipment and will be able to perform maintenance and servicing tasks on the BOP components in a safer and competent manner.

This course has been designed to provide the industry with a training programme for jack-up, platforms and land rigs maintenance personnel who are responsible for the optimum operability of well control capital equipment and the surface well control systems. This course strengthens the fundamental understanding of secondary well control, drilling from jack-ups, land rigs or performing workovers from platforms. This course is essential for personnel involved in a hands-on situation or supervisory capacity with the maintenance and optimum operability of secondary well control systems.


Course Outline

  • Introduction to Well Control
  • Ram Preventers
  • Annular Preventers
  • Gate Valves
  • Choke and Kill Manifold
  • HPU and Control Systems
  • Diverter Systems
  • Pressure and Safety


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Who Should Attend

  • Drilling Supervisors
  • Drilling Engineers
  • Drilling Managers
  • Tool Pushers
  • Chief Mechanics
  • Chief Engineers
  • Rig Mechanics
  • Motormen
  • Rig Crews


Course Duration

  • 4 days



This course has a non-assessable pre-test to asses delegate’s current knowledge and a final test with a pass rate of 70% or above. Following successful completion, delegates will receive a certificate accredited by International Association of Drilling Contractors Drilling Industry Training (IADC DIT).




If you are interested in attending the course or looking for more information about the training, do not hesitate and contact us.


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