Managed Pressure Drilling - Full Accreditation awarded

The four day course is aimed at all offshore personnel from Offshore Installation Managers through to deck crew

An Aberdeen based leading subsea engineering services and training provider has announced that it is offering a brand new course which will be the first of its kind in the United Kingdom to have full IADC accreditation.

Established in 2009, SUBC Engineering Ltd., which operates in 27 countries and has established operations in key energy destinations such as Brazil, Houston and Singapore, has become the only UK organisation to offer a Managed Pressure Drilling course with full IADC accreditation.

The four day course is aimed at all offshore personnel from Offshore Installation Managers through to deck crew and, as Managing Director Colin Burney explains, has already received a positive response from one global drilling company. “In advance of the official launch of the course, we have recently completed the training of over 150 Seadrill personnel for the West Tellus and West Carina on-board their vessels and, as a consequence, they will be putting more of their staff through the course.

“The course has been created to meet a growing interest and involvement by oil companies and contracted rig owners in the areas of Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) and the variety of new Adaptive Drilling Methods (ADM) which look to address the well-recognised problems associated with drilling in ultra-deep water using Conventional Riser Drilling. MPD can also be adapted to shallow water Jack-Ups as well as medium deep and deepwater Semis and drillships."

“Each of the main systems are covered within the course, namely complementary advances in enabling technologies, riserless mud recovery, riser gas handling and early kick detection. The course provides a comprehensive technical introduction to personnel already involved or likely to be involved in these new enabling technologies."

“Along with the principles of operations, the course also covers engineering design rationales underlying the equipment components, maintenance fundamentals and current legislation. Following successful completion, delegates will receive an International Association of Drilling Contractors Drilling Industry Training (IADC DIT) accredited certificate."

*SUBC Engineering Ltd is the specialist provider of subsea BOP engineering personnel to drilling contractors, service companies and shipyards. The company also provides subsea and hydraulic courses, SUBC is an associate member of IADC and currently has full IADC DIT accreditation for the following courses:- Basic Hydraulic, Accumulator/ Pulsation Dampener, Introduction to Subsea Systems, Basic Subsea, Surface Well Control Equipment and Managed Pressure Drilling.