Introduction to Subsea Systems Course

Our Introduction to Subsea Systems course is designed for delegates who are either entering the industry or are within the industry already, but not directly in contact with subsea systems.

In attending this course delegates will achieve an awareness and high level knowledge of all the capital equipment elements in the subsea system. The course identifies all the connections and functionality of the subsea system components used in the overall architecture of subsea systems in today’s drilling industry from floating drilling installations in shallow water environments to the recent ultra-deep water fields being explored.

The course is structured into discrete sections, which are covering the connectivity of subsea system – surface to subsea wellhead; hydraulic BOP controls – surface to subsea drilling BOP stack; mux BOP controls – surface to subsea drilling BOP stack; circulatory systems – surface HP drilling fluid manifold, and well control manifold to drilling BOP stack. The course manual includes, as a supplement, a full glossary of oilfield terms and equipment.


Course Outline

  • Subsea Building Blocks
  • Subsea Building Blocks for Subsea Control System
  • Subsea Building Blocks for Well Control Circulations
  • Typical Drilling Process
  • Drilling BOP Stack Deployment Process
  • Maintenance of Subsea-Related Equipment


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Who Should Attend

  • Green Hat New Entrants
  • Supply Chain Personnel
  • Training Management Personnel
  • Subsea Trainees
  • Oil and Gas Industry Office Staff


Course Duration

  • 1 day



There is no formal test at the end of the course. Following successful completion, delegates will receive a certificate accredited by International Association of Drilling Contractors Drilling Industry Training (IADC DIT).




If you are interested in attending the course or looking for more information about the training, do not hesitate and contact us.


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